Hello there, I’m Natalie.

If you asked anyone who knows me, they will say that I am ever so slightly tea obsessed. Maybe it’s my lovely teacup and teapot collection which slowly grows each year that gives it away… or the row of tea canisters lining the kitchen bench containing all the tea one could ever need! Whatever the reason, they would be completely right – I adore all things tea!

For me, it began as a child. Growing up in quite a close knit family, I always remember at any sort of occasion the ladies would gather around the kitchen table drinking tea out of proper teacups and saucers; there were cakes and other delicious treats and food always in generous proportions! My sister and cousins and I would be handed our own miniature cups and saucers with milky tea so we felt like all the grown up ladies (my Mum still has those cups and saucers!).

And so grew my love for the art of taking tea – a simple delight that always stirs in me feelings of happiness and comfort. The time for tea is a time for unwinding; a time to spend with loved ones. It means smiles and laughter and the sharing of stories. These times are what inspire me to want to create such memories for others. Sweet Jane’s Travelling Teahouse is a way of me taking that experience out to others. To firstly, share the love of tea and the joy of taking tea with friends and family; but also to make people smile and spread happiness with my classic pink van!

Sweet Jane’s is just what you need to experience a relaxed stress-free occasion which will be remembered for years to come. Why not invite Jane (my gorgeous pink caravan) and I to create an event for you and your guests, that brings together old fashioned traditions, beautiful sweet and savoury delights that remind you of your Grandmother’s kitchen, and of course, tea!